Our Mission:

The name of the new company is, World As We Know It Entertainment LLC.  I think my core message would be (subject to approval of the 2 other participants) that the world is static only if we WANT it to be: As we create our reality, then we may be building toward some nebulous 'reward in heaven.'  But, I fear we will be sorely disappointed in that event, if it requires us to forego simple pleasures to reward ourselves in the present.  World As We Know It Entertainment LLC aims to help supply some of those simple pleasures. The light at the end of the tunnel does NOT have to be an onrushing train!

What we do:

Our First Citizen began writing over forty years ago.  Before word processors, home computers, and the internet, she started on a manual (Royal) typewriter, saved for an electric one, and eventually wore them both out.

Years later, she ran into an electronics buff who assured her she was uniquely adapted for computers.  She met that claim with many a 'Bah!' and as many a 'Humbug!' until he 'forgot' his little Timex Sinclair at her house, conveniently adding the programming manual. The rest is, as they say, history.  Many a love affair has blossomed from less.  When he came 'looking' for his 'lost' machine, her benefactor asked our ancestor if she had perchance played with it?  When she brought up the little 'interview' program she had written, he was happy -- then puzzled -- then perplexed.  "This machine can't do that," he said.  "It doesn't have enough memory!"  It would be a long and prosperous relationship (between our First Citizen and all pc's) that endures to this day, June 22, 2016.

But, her first love was creative writing.  Her curiosity and unfettered mind absorbed Astrology, Biology, Anatomy, physics, carpentry, woodworking, chemistry, philosophy, psychology, -- whatever her current interest, she applied herself to it with abandon, until she could learn no more without formal schooling.  She did take courses:  creative writing courses.  Her first writing sale was to American Astrology, in 1986.

Her intimate relationships were difficult and stressful.  She was a dedicated member of Alanon and Coda, but mostly, she just moved around a lot, to avoid entanglements.  That was not difficult for a truck driver and she was as uniquely suited to that life as she was to the logical, fascinating world of computers.  She studied up and became a bookkeeper, aided by her beloved computer.  She became a tax preparer, working in season with a large, local company (not H & R Block.)

She was the Easter bunny at the mall, one year.

At the turn of the century, our First Citizen made a last-ditch attempt to reconcile with her estranged children.  Long story short, she located her youngest son in a prison in Colorado, in for the ever-popular 'drug charges.'  Aware of the numbing monotony of such circumstances, she was delighted to find that he enjoyed Sudoku and werewolf/vampire novels.  --Not her first choice, but hey, reading is reading, and she was a reader long before she was writer, so the news thrilled her.  Until she found that there were so few books of that description available.

At last, in desperation, she decided if she could not buy them, she would write one for him!  But, she did not like werewolves and vampires!  She forced herself to wade through some Anne Rice and a few vampire hunter tomes, and she still found no basis for such a book she  might write, herself.  Taking a different tack, she researched the real life characters that formed the nucleus of the vampire myth, and a new viewpoint began to form in her mind.

Her son received a chapter whenever her failing health let it happen.  In all, he received over a thousand pages, not of polished, professional prose, but as an informal string of stories loosely based on the vampire/werewolf genre.

Her son left prison and built a solid, admirable life for himself his mother is proud of.  His copy of the 'stories' had to remain in the prison (presumably in the prison library) and hers was organized into a notebook and consigned to gathering dust.  In fact, while she could not not write fiction, she gave up on getting any published when her 'restless' period began in the 1980's.

As she wandered rather aimlessly through life, our ancestor gathered experiences and wisdom.  Although she gave up her dream of being published in the mainstream, her search for roots took her back to the Midwest, and her health forced her to retire.  Meantime, her beloved internet was changing the face of the world, including publishing.  She was too ill and exhausted to do anything about it.  At 72, she had spine surgery and at 73 is recovering from that long illness that nearly killed her in 2015.  One of us urged her to at least uncover as many of her past manuscripts as she could, so that her descendants might one day do something with them.  Our First Citizen rediscovered her passion in life.

It does not seem to matter to our ancestor whether the book is fiction, non-fiction, or an activity book, she loves them all.  She says she was never good at Sudoku.  But, when it was suggested that there was a need for those books, she bent to the task, going so far as to write one for herself:  The World of Sudoku for Absolute Beginners.  It will be this little family company's first offering, followed quickly by The World of Sudoku for Fun and Relaxation and The World of Sudoku for a Bit More Challenge.  A short story (science fiction) written in the '70s and submitted to Ben Bova at Analog (returned due to budget restraints.  She carried his sweet, hand-written note until it crumbled, and he had her heart forever) is ready to rewrite as a novella or more, depending.  Hopefully, it will enter the queue after the second Sudoku book.

And there is the big one:  the werewolf/vampire book.  It has taken three efforts to find the 'starting place' for this series, and the 'first' is being approached in a more organized fashion than any that went before.  From it, completing the other two will be a snap, and further extrapolations are endless... ...

So, there it is.  Our little 'history' if you will.  Let us know what you like, and perhaps one of us will provide it for you.  The blood of our First Citizen does run in our veins!

World As We Know It Entertainment LLC

Tooele, UT


We are here to entertain you.

‚ÄčThe light at the end of the tunnel does NOT  have to be an on rushing train!