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" - - It’s not over, yet. Not by a Parabolic Planet Fall!"

The woman's composure crumbled and she wept.

Unsure of himself, Merle turned back to the port and waited for her to recover.

"I-I'm sorry," the woman sobbed at last. "I-I don't know how long I've wanted to do that!"

"Forget it," Merle told her quietly. "I know just how you feel."

And, he did.


   The Jonas Effect

Myrna Throckmorton

From the perspective of the early humans dwelling on the land masses of the southern hemisphere, there appeared to be a great "hole in the sky."  A dark place, hardly noticeable,  except by Shamans, priests, alchemists, astrologers and lovers, who studied the stars intently, searching for their destinies.

By the twenty-first century AD (Gregorian,) technologies had been developed  that showed the area (dark to the human eye) to be busy with radiation and light energies outside the visible spectrum.

For centuries, then, the 'hole' in the sky was forgotten or ignored, as the planet became overpopulated and its industry threatened to destroy it altogether. It has been said that, at any moment in time, ten per cent of the population of the planet is sociopath.   The only reason most of them refrain from heinous acts of criminality is the fear of reprisal and punishment.  Only about ten per cent of that ten per cent (one per cent of the total population) actively pursues its deviation. Half will attempt to control the masses 'legally,' through government, bribery, manipulation and hoarding of resources.  The other half are the openly 'criminal' elements, the drug lords, the religious 'leaders,' the organizers of rebellion and strife for its own sake. Their tactics are the same, as are the results of their actions: eventually, the masses, the eighty per cent, will have nothing more to lose, and becomes ripe for a declaration of all-out war.

When the dust settles, the one per cent will divide up the spoils and those of the eighty per cent who survived intact will return to their lives of quietly carving a meager existence from what is left after the nine per cent, relieved of the restraints of government and civil order, have followed the elites in sacking the wealth of the planet.

Through it all, another ten per cent quietly goes about its business, cooperating and building and setting the ignored example of preparing for inevitable change and conflict.  They are hated both by the eighty per cent (who have misplaced their trust in the elites) and the elites, who see them, correctly, as competition. Both groups want to take what the 'preppers' have amassed, and the wandering marauders are determined to get there first.

These will be the political prisoners: the whistle-blowers, the scholars, the simple craftsmen who practice their skills and  professions for the good of all.  Stripped of their worldly goods, those not killed outright become prisoners, slaves and outcasts. Many continents have been populated, settled by these refugees. Where they went, the  ten per cent followed... ...

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