We are here to entertain you.

Mug, 11 oz. Right or left (shown)

Unisex Tee has our logo on the front,
our mascot's photo on the back.

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Available now, in our private store! Novelty gift items featuring our fun loving mascot Tiberius!

Just choose your book, then leave us a message (if you want a FREE puzzle each week, click on the opt-in button) and we will send you your first puzzle, a short story or piece of flash fiction, and the .pdf file of your FREE ebook! If you have not opted in, this is the only mail you will receive from us!

Happy seeking!

Message us your Invoice # from an Amazon purchase of one or both of these puzzle books and we'll email you a special offer good in our novelty store until Valentine's day!


Bracelet and Pendant, square or round,
silver or gold tones.

We will soon make available, for immediate download, a series of printable files in .pdf, .docx, or .odt format (your choice at time of  purchase), Sudoku puzzle books. For $1.99, we will offer 200 original puzzles, formatted for your home printer. For $2.99, we will include 350.

These would belong to you, to print out as many times as you liked, for your own use or as gifts. The caveats: rights for sale would remain with us, you could not resell them, nor would you be entitled to remove any credits and bookmarks, or alter text in any way. We may add for sale things like binders and erasable sheets, and maybe novelty coffee mugs and tee-shirts.

If you would like to check out the premise, you can ask for the free mini-book, printable .jpg puzzle (solution attached), and a sample of our writer’s wit and blogger’s wisdom. You will be offered the chance to receive more, or accept these gifts, free, with our compliments.

Subscription to the newsletter or blog is strictly optional, and opt-out available constantly. If you have problems with any of this, please let us know by commenting on this post, or messaging through Facebook, Twitter (#vampirewars) or Linked In. Any input would be very much appreciated, and help immensely.

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I use the aka First Citizen

On these books, to differentiate this persona from the one writing the Vampire Wars series, the truck driver novels, the northwest country adventure novels, the -- --

“We are here to entertain you!”

First Citizen

The light at the end of the tunnel does NOT have to be an onrushing train!

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Order now: $9.95

The Tiberius Line

World As We Know It Entertainment LLC

Tooele, UT