​​The light at the end of the tunnel does NOT  have to be an on rushing train!

Puzzles, brainteasers, challenges... these are great for shut-ins, electronically-deprived folks (only somewhat tongue-in-cheek, there) and people in times of transition.  Also great for young people on holiday from school, and for therapeutic mental stimulation in the aftermath of illness.​


​meaning, 'single number,' has been around for a very long time.  The advent of computers has enabled production of these puzzles on a large scale, fulfilling a basic human need:  mental stimulation and challenge.

Number puzzles are not for everybody;  Nor are word puzzles.  There are as many challenging outlets as there are people on the planet, and while we can't please everybody, we want to try for as many as possible.

You don't have to invest a lot of money to find out if Sudoku is for you:  In our blog, we have covered the basics for solving the simple puzzle you see, here.

World of Sudoku for Absolute Beginners includes a lengthy tutorial in which we use several techniques gleaned from The Web and a few we devised for ourselves, to solve a full-sized, 9 X 9 grid.

There are three other sample puzzles and then 152 more,one to each page, for your practice/pleasure.

This book and its companion, appear on Amazon in paperback form.  The physical books cost $9.95 (each), plus S&H.  (See our E-store.)

Whether you buy a book or not, sign up for a free, weekly puzzle, attached as a .pdf file to a short newsletter.  Most times, it will not say much at all.  Sometimes, there will be a quote we find interesting or timely;  other times, we may notify everyone of a new puzzle book offering, ask about your needs/desires/pet peeves, --or, call attention to upcoming new releases and the special offers for early orders.

As a bonus, we also include various pieces of short fiction from the archives, and offer a FREE book of puzzles upon request. No opt-in required, just request the FREE​ puzzle book on the form and leave the newsletter request unchecked. Your input is valuable to us, so please express yourself!

We are here to entertain you!

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We are here to entertain you.