​​​(From the trailer / crowdfunder script for BOOK I:  Oracle!)

Scene 2

In the Author's Study
(The study is a half-round room, apparently walled off from the other half of the third floor of the main tower.  Halfway down the round side, on the left, is an open set of French doors apparently leading onto a balcony.  A massive desk blocks access to two-thirds of the room and the doors, but the walls here are lined with bookshelves.  A bank of Commodore computers – re: the command console of the space shuttles? – graces  the center third of the straight wall, and several computer screens show a variety of applications running.  A large screen above the computers is dark.  Reporter calls cameraman's attention to the book shelves, where one section is clearly marked “Vampire Wars:  the Chronicles.”)

Reporter(quietly):  Does it smell like a cave in here to you?  (Waits for a muffled answer, reaches for a book clearly marked in English and a second, strange language.  Riffles the pages.)  Written in some weird language.  --Russian?  (Starts to hold it up, then glances at other side of room and hurriedly replaces it.)

​Voice of the Chronicler:  You are late!  We must rush!

Reporter:  My apologies, we-- –

Chronicler(emerging from shadows in a far corner):  You must be gone before the sun sets!

Reporter:  Agreed.  We promise not to take much of your time!  Are these the books you are wanting to publish?  (Indicates the marked shelves.)

Chronicler:  Yes.  Most need translation, some need editing. But, they contain information that must be made public, at last!

Reporter:  – -About Vampire Wars!

Chronicler (she is clad in a heavy hooded cape; her hands are concealed in gloves, her face is darkly veiled, no flesh shows, anywhere.  She turns to him from peering out the open doors.): --About the Vampire Wars.  Yes!

Reporter(smirking):  And, why would Vampires be waging war?  --Are they fighting each other, or are the Orcs returning from Mordor?  (Sly wink for the camera.)

Chronicler(points at the large screen, which comes to life with classic Vampire kill scenes from various sources.):  Were we not once human?

Reporter(missing the reference):  --What?  --Vampires were once human?

Chronicler(points at the screen, which shows war scenes from various eras):  --Were we – they – not human, once?

Reporter:  Well – I suppose – –

Chronicler(turning to face him across the desk):  So, why should humans stop acting like humans, simply because they have become Vampires?

Reporter:  (Glances at the war scenes flashing on the large screen.) You make a fair point, there.  --So, why should anyone want your stories instead of the many others available?  --Why would people donate for your books and movies, ahead of some of the professionals, who have proven themselves?

Chronicler(hisses, causing the veils to riffle):  These are not your Grandma's Vampire novels! 

I am older than I look, and I can tell the tales as no other can!  The history is older than the world, itself, and does not need charity to have itself told!​

~ To BeContinued! ~

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